A Guide for Nursing Facilities & Assisted Living

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IMPORTANT! New HIPAA privacy and breach notification standards published in January 2013 are in effect NOW.

Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP, in partnership with AHCA/NCAL, has developed HIPAA Privacy Reference Manual: A Guide for Nursing Facilities & Assisted Living to help assisted living facilities achieve the mandated compliance.

WHO: All assisted living facilities that are covered entities under HIPAA.

WHAT: The Department of Health and Human Services released a Final Rule on January 25, 2013, that contains many important changes to HIPAA privacy obligations.  Assisted living facilities need to update their current HIPAA policies and business associate agreements and implement new policies in order to satisfy the requirements.

WHEN: The new rules are in effect now.  Covered entities have until September 23, 2013 to comply with the new requirements.

HOW: For about the cost of participating in a webinar, the Privacy Reference Manual is a lasting reference that can be consulted whenever questions about HIPAA arise. The Privacy Reference Manual includes the following tools designed to aid assisted living facilities in achieving compliance with both old and new HIPAA requirements:

  • Implementation Checklist;
  • Comprehensive and understandable summaries of the various provisions of the Privacy Rule and relevant guidance from the Office of Civil Rights;

  • Highlights of recent modifications to the Privacy Rule, including changes related to business associate obligations, breaches and notifications, prohibited disclosures, electronic health records, marketing and fundraising communications, and enforcement and civil monetary penalties; and

  • Updated policies and procedures, including a revised Notice of Privacy Practices, Business Associate Agreement, Request to Restrict Uses or Disclosures of Health Information, and a Breach Notification Policy and Breach Notification Letter.

WHERE: To order, just click the purchase links above.  The Privacy Reference Manual is sold as an e-book through a license agreement based on the number of facilities in your organization.  Note that the customer must agree to AHCA/NCAL’s Terms of Use and may only distribute The Privacy Reference Manual based upon the number of licenses purchased.