Long-term care organizations provide a valuable service to those most in need. Our clients’ ability to effectively deliver the care, service and supplies essential to their residents requires steady and consistent cash flow.

ROLF recognizes that the receivables issues in the long-term care industry are unique and unlike the issues encountered in other industries. As a firm dedicated to all aspects of the long-term care profession, we are able to identify and implement practical solutions to minimize the frequency in non-paying accounts. Although ROLF is well equipped to assist our clients in seeking to collect on bad debts, we believe that the only way to really get control of the receivables in long-term care is to reduce the instances of non-payment by introducing comprehensive accounts receivables policies and procedures designed specifically to minimize delinquencies.


  • Medicaid eligibility consulting
  • Private pay collections
  • Managed care and/or insurance collections
  • Delinquent account mitigation
  • Non-payment avoidance measures (development of revenue-cycle protocol)
  • Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive A/R Policy
  • Design Programs and Procedures to Avoid Delinquency
  • Drafting Admission Materials
  • Provide Training on A/R Policy & Admission Materials
  • Consulting regarding & Representing Providers at Discharge Hearings
  • Pre-legal and Legal Collection of Unpaid Account Receivables
  • Negotiating Payment Arrangements
  • Presenting Estate Claims & Opening Estates
  • Negotiating Voluntary Liens/Mortgages to Secure Indebtedness


Flat Fees for Private Pay Collections — We share in risk traditionally borne by clients, while also providing predictability and the ability to analyze risk.

  • You won’t be billed for phone calls, emails, or strategy sessions
  • Our flat fees include a collectability analysis, so that you can determine whether the collection is worth your time and money
  • The entire process, including litigation, is reduced to six (6) simple phases to save you money in the event of settlement or a default collection
  • Fees are capped to allow for 100% predictability
  • Unlike contingency fees, our flat fees are recoverable as long as your documentation provides for it, and they do not increase based on the size of the debt

Flat Fees for Materials and Training.

Reasonable hourly fees for Consulting.


Success. Efficiency. When we’ve identified an asset, our historical collection rate has been better than 70% of principal balance placed. Additionally, we’re routinely able to collect contractual interest and attorney’s fees for clients whose documentation provides for same.

private pay collectionsTechnology. We understand the importance of keeping long-term care organizations up to date regarding the status of each collection.  That’s why ROLF developed and utilizes the EVOLVE Revenue platform to give clients real-time unfettered access to their files – including the relevant notes, documents, correspondence, court information, and status of each matter.  When you login to the secure HIPAA compliant platform, you’ll see what ROLF’s attorneys see.  So, there’s no need to wait for an update, you can login at your convenience 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.