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ROLF Technology Solutions

By December 31, 2021January 2nd, 2022News, Technology

ROLF provides Legal, Consulting and Technology Solutions to post-acute, long-term care & senior living providers.

In addition to the services available directly through our firm, we have developed technology to provide enhanced value to our clients and long-term care providers in general.

We hope that you will consider visiting the websites that we have linked below to learn more.


When COVID-19 hit and facilities were forced to go into lockdown, we knew that once visitation reopened, it was going to look different. What used to be easy socialization without staff involvement was going to require substantial staff time to coordinate the scheduling, necessary screening, and risk management functions. And, we also knew that there would be a lot of ways to disappoint residents and families from a public relations perspective if they were unable to visit or if they did not receive clear communications about the visitation process.

We wanted facilities to have a simple way to approach visitation, without having to pull staff away from their most important role – taking care of residents. So, we built an online platform to automate the visitation process. It covers scheduling, screening, education, risk management, data gathering for contact tracing, information necessary for surveys, and more. It integrates with PCC and other EHR platforms. And, it is all uniquely branded and customizable for your organization.

When we started building eConfirm, we thought it would be used primarily for family and friends visiting residents. But, as we got further into the process, we realized that eConfirm had the potential for much more. And so we built it to handle employee and vendor screening, tracking for continuing education, communications to staff, and other functions, as well.

While eConfirm was designed in response to COVID, we know that it has benefits for long-term use in the long-term care industry. Future visitation is going to look different and require the use of a tool like eConfirm to ensure continued screening and credentialing of whoever comes through your doors. We are also building components to assist with marketing tasks, such as auto-scheduling tours and marketing visits. The future of communication is digital, and eConfirm will help facilities get there.

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For years we have been telling clients that a lot of the traditional pain points in their admissions and residency processes could be solved by automating those processes. And, we kept waiting for someone to build a cloud-based admissions software platform specifically for long-term care. But no one did it. So, we did it ourselves.

We built eAdmit specifically for long-term care admissions. It is designed to streamline the admission process and make it less painful from both the customer and the facility standpoint.

The resident and family have their own unique login to your branded admissions platform. This allows them to complete the process anywhere, any time, and on any device. The system sends auto-reminders for items that are missing – so that you can ensure that all admissions are complete. Every single time.

On the facility side, a personalized dashboard tracks every admission through every stage. Admissions are color-coded to identify where each individual is in the process. The platform – and not your staff – helps to navigate families through the documents. This saves valuable staff time and allows you to admit multiple people at once. eAdmit also integrates with PCC and other EHR systems, making your admission agreements easy to find in the medical record.

eAdmit can help you to finally comply with the law requiring documents to be signed “at or before” admission. Organizations currently using eAdmit have saved up to 70% of allocated FTEs and redeployed that staff to other uses (e.g., marketing).

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Evolve Legal Solutions

As we describe more fully here, at ROLF, we represent smart clients. Sometimes our clients need to pay for our involvement and counsel on specific issues. But, there are other times, when, with a little guidance, they can handle things on their own.

This is why we built EVOLVE Legal Solutions – EVOLVE is our affiliated legal technology company where we provide tools and self-help resources for SNFs.

Currently, EVOLVE offers the following applications:

  • Compliance is the hub for Compliance Officers to find compliance manuals, policies, training, and other materials, as well as a personalized online reporting tool to enable anonymous compliance reports.
  • Admissions is the modern way to update your admissions process, with simple, editable, and up-to-date admissions forms and easy-to-understand guidance.
  • Store is where we provide documents drafted by long-term care attorneys, and available for immediate download.
  • COVID provides tailored risk management guidance and pandemic-related policies for facilities. Recognizing the strains that facilities are under, we have currently lowered our paywall for COVID resources.
  • Revenue is an account management system designed specifically for long-term care collections. It makes working with ROLF on collection matters simple and seamless.

In addition to these current offerings, we are working on building EVOLVE applications for HIPAA and Contracts. HIPAA will include privacy and security policies and procedures, business associate agreements, and training, as well as tools for reporting, analyzing, and tracking potential breaches. EVOLVE Contracts will provide simple and editable form contracts, negotiation guidance, and contract tracking tools.

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