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Cory Phillips Joins ROLF

By July 15, 2014News

We are pleased to announce the hiring of attorney W. Cory Phillips, and the expansion of our long-term care receivables practice.

Cory.Phillips BW

Prior to joining our firm, Cory spent seven (7) years working almost exclusively in long-term care collections for the largest creditors’ rights firm in the country. Cory brings with him a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the area of long-term care receivables.  His specialized knowledge will further enhance our firm’s unique approach to assisting our clients with their receivables issues.

ROLF believes that the only way to really get control of the receivables in long-term care is to reduce the instances of non-payment at the front end.  While we are certainly equipped to assist our clients in chasing bad debts as other firms do, we also work with our clients to adopt comprehensive accounts receivables policies and approaches that incorporate operational controls in support of reducing collection issues (such as, revisiting the admissions process, modifying discharge protocols, and understanding the limitations and opportunities of Medicare and Medicaid).