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eConfirm HC is an online platform designed for long-term care facilities to manage scheduling processing, screening, and recording employee, vendor, and visitor information, and to track visitors to the facility in real time. Its reasonably priced technology offers facilities price predictability and saves valuable staff time and resources by automating the visitation processes.

eConfirmWhen COVID-19 hit and facilities were forced to go into lockdown, we knew that once visitation reopened, it was going to look different. What used to be easy socialization without staff involvement was going to require substantial staff time to coordinate the scheduling, necessary screening, and risk management functions. And, we also knew that there would be a lot of ways to disappoint residents and families from a public relations perspective if they were unable to visit or if they did not receive clear communications about the visitation process.

We wanted facilities to have a simple way to approach visitation, without having to pull staff away from their most important role – taking care of residents. So, we built an online platform to automate the visitation process. It covers scheduling, screening, education, risk management, data gathering for contact tracing, information necessary for surveys, and more. And, it is all uniquely branded and customizable for your organization.

When we started building eConfirm, we thought it would be used primarily for family and friends visiting residents. But, as we got further into the process, we realized that eConfirm had the potential for much more. And so we built it to handle employee and vendor screening, tracking for continuing education, communications to staff, and other functions, as well.

While eConfirm was designed in response to COVID, we know that it has benefits for long-term use in the long-term care industry. Future visitation is going to look different and require the use of a tool like eConfirm to ensure continued screening and credentialing of whoever comes through your doors. We are also building components to assist with marketing tasks, such as auto-scheduling tours and marketing visits. The future of communication is digital, and eConfirm will help facilities get there.

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