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EVOLVE Legal Solutions provides attorney drafted and curated content and tools for skilled nursing facilities.

EvolveAs we describe more fully here, at ROLF, we represent smart clients. Sometimes our clients need to pay for our involvement and counsel on specific issues. But, there are other times, when, with a little guidance, they can handle things on their own.

This is why we built EVOLVE Legal SolutionsEVOLVE is our affiliated legal technology company where we provide tools and self-help resources for SNFs.

Currently, EVOLVE offers the following applications:

  • Compliance is the hub for Compliance Officers to find compliance manuals, policies, training, and other materials, as well as a personalized online reporting tool to enable anonymous compliance reports.
  • Admissions is the modern way to update your admissions process, with simple, editable, and up-to-date admissions forms and easy-to-understand guidance.
  • COVID provides tailored risk management guidance and pandemic-related policies for facilities. Recognizing the strains that facilities are under, we have currently lowered our paywall for COVID resources.
  • Revenue is an account management system designed specifically for long-term care collections. It makes working with ROLF on collection matters simple and seamless.

In addition to these current offerings, we are working on building EVOLVE applications for HIPAA and Contracts. HIPAA will include privacy and security policies and procedures, business associate agreements, and training, as well as tools for reporting, analyzing, and tracking potential breaches. Contracts will provide simple and editable form contracts, negotiation guidance, and contract tracking tools.

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