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July 2016 Exclusion Alert

Employment & Compliance Alert 

We have provided the list of new program exclusions for the month of July as published on the OIG website. Health care providers are prohibited from employing or contracting with an excluded person or entity, and face significant penalties if they do, so make sure to review the list below carefully.

We have redacted the list to show only those exclusions for Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Remember, doing a nationwide search is the only way to be certain that the individual you are screening is not prohibited from Federal program participation. If an individual has worked in or moved from another state, the individual’s exclusion status will only be visible by searching the database for the individual’s previous state of residence or by searching the nationwide database. To search the nationwide database, click HERE.

Health care providers should not rely only on these monthly publications of new exclusions, but should also verify that their employees and contractors are not excluded from a government healthcare program by checking the databases maintained by the Office of Inspector General and the System for Award Management upon hire and periodically thereafter.

If you have any questions or concerns about the exclusions, then feel free to contact us.

Please note that this alert is intended to be informational only, and is not intended to be nor should it be relied upon as legal adcice.  Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP will not be responsible for any actions taken or arrangements structured based upon this alert.  The receipt of this alert by an organization that is not a current client of Rolf Goffman Martion Lang LLP does not create an attorney-client relationship between the recipient and the law firm.

©2016. Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP.  All Rights Reserved.

Ohio Indiana Michigan
Hassan A. Abdi
Liban Abdi
Clare Armstrong
Zakiyyah H. Bey
Nanci J. Cover
Carly Michelle Diamond
Amy Lynn Duncann
Cheryl Durham
Carol Edwards
Jennifer M. Forte
Melissa Marie Fraly
Angela Marie French
John A. Geralt
Scinecia Hale
Samone Jarrett
Chatelle D. Jones
Cynthia Klein
Angela M. Miley
John P. Moore III
Joanna Ochieng
Harold Persaud
Malenda Prak
Amanda Marie Shaulis
Tanya Williams
Anthony Bitterling
Austin D. Gough
Michelle Rae Lester
Michael Markiewicz
Victoria Lynn McCartney
David Shepherd Stewart
Kahley Vergon-Mayotte
Muhammad K. Ahmed
Janet Lynn Bastien
Tiffany Carmell Walker


Pennsylvania Kentucky Florida
Cathi Jo Bittinger
Michelle Canavan
Tatia Dumas
Laura Theresa Ellis
Melkeisha Leanne Flagg
Donnell Gales
David Halperin
Stephen Heffner Jr.
Donique Suree Highsmith
Lewis Levine
Misti McCullen
Bertha Osei-Bonsu
Stephen Alan Patterson
Elizabeth Ann Pearce
David Wait
John Watts
Brandon Bratcher
Michael Howard Hardin
Sarah B. Scearce Hardwick
Willard Clayborne Howard
Reiner Alfred Legaspi
Joseph S. Morris
Sharon A. Tevis
Jennifer Lynn Allen Tipton
Sergei Berezin
David Vaughn Bledsoe
Karen Carlson Bledsoe
Sheyla Diaz
Tamara Esponda
Robert Patrick Garcia
Barbara Guerra
Barbara Oldham Kennedy
Natalya Krichevskaya
David Lazarus
Kevin Lunion
Ruben Maranges
Indira Martell
Alexey Mesiatsev
Linda Sue Peters
Celso Cobos Ramirez
Deborah Ramirez
Ankur Roy
Odette Sanchez
Claudine N. Smith
Quintella Cerilla Taylor
Stephanie Tindall
Lyudmila Ustakova
Edwardo Williams


North Carolina South Carolina Virginia
Farid Ahmed
Holly Parham Cranford
Adrienne Alexis Creedmore
Michelle Nicole Davis
Sarah Gewanter
Jessica Lee Gray
Allecyn Cook Griffin
Pamela Hopkins
Cristi M. Jewell
Yvette Francine McLean
Elizabeth Blackwell Pace
Asley Del Sol Fernandez
Ryan F. Finklea
Eric Bernard Mitchell
 Cassie Lee Davis