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November 2016 Exclusion Alert

By December 27, 2016Uncategorized

We have provided the list of new program exclusions for the month of November as published on the OIG website. Health care providers are prohibited from employing or contracting with an excluded person or entity, and face significant penalties if they do, so make sure to review the list below carefully.

We have redacted the list to show only those exclusions for Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Remember, doing a nationwide search is the only way to be certain that the individual you are screening is not prohibited from Federal program participation. If an individual has worked in or moved from another state, the individual’s exclusion status will only be visible by searching the database for the individual’s previous state of residence or by searching the nationwide database. To search the nationwide database, click HERE.

Health care providers should not rely only on these monthly publications of new exclusions, but should also verify that their employees and contractors are not excluded from a government healthcare program by checking the databases maintained by the Office of Inspector General and the System for Award Management upon hire and periodically thereafter.

Ohio Indiana Michigan
Jacqueline Bambrick
James P. Bressi
Judy Conley
Sandra K. Gorsuch
Troy David Kubincanek
Staphanie Lancaster
Nicole Thompson
Lenore Wiley
Monda Wilkes
Carrie Nicole Dietrich
Heather Marie Gibson Kirk
Richard Charles Blake
Kandarp K. Vora
Sheila A. Wright-Benford
Pennsylvania Kentucky Florida
Timothy Harold Emeigh
Mohammad Zubair Khan
James William Bast
Cynthia Gail Bell
Elena M. Bowman
Beverly Gwen Cooper
Bridget Marqueruite Day
Tina Dianne Phillips Fenwick
Melissa Ann McCarty Fogle
Penny Jean Gearlds
Rebecca E. Higgins
Crystal Marie Hommrich
Julia S. Wills Hopkins
Patricia Ann Pollard Hurley
Kaley Morgan Leek
Stephanie A. Lyons
Trisha Muir
Terri M. Pyzik-Harmon
Amelia M. Schultz
Ashley Elaine Howard Tapp
Cheyanne Michelle Williams
Albert Ades
Ifemmuta C. Adirika
Katherine Alonso
Milka Alvarez
Robert Blackman
Keeley Cecile Bremer
Lisbet Castillo
Marlene Cesar
Kathy R. Coleman
Danielle Cuccinello
Jonathan Alan Disbury
Erich George Englmann
Edward Neil Feldman
Kim Xuan Feldman
Ginger Morris Garren
Dan Georgian
Jacinta Irene Gillis
Hector Claudio Gutierrez
Travis Hall
Jeffrey Harris
Juan Hernandez
Haley Marie Hilliard
Emily A Hodorowksi
John Anthony Hughes
Stephen Carson Hunt
Belinda Jalloh
Lauren Jimolka
Darlene Johnson
Yashika Zenobiaha Jones
James Dean Kayvonfar
Tara Sue Kidder
Lisa Marlene King
Lorraine Linda Labor
Paul Edward Latham
James Lazarowecz
Tracy N. Leaks
Henry Lora
James Matthew Maister
Shannon M. McBeth
Leslie Amanda McHugh
Fernando Mendez-Villamil
Oneida M. Mercado-Sanchez
Denis Nicole Mooney
Leslie Carole Morehouse
Donna Marie Mullen
Ashley D. Mullins
Brian David Muto
Patricia M. Neal
Gibosn Chukwuma Osuji
Christine I. Plaster
Erica Przystas-Baker
Clement Quirke
Gabrielle Rendini
Linda D. Rock
Julio Ruiz
Dadesky Saintil
Barry Michael Schultz
Andrew Tennant Seager
Nadia Elizabeth Stephenson
Terrie Stephens-Traverse
Adam Strouse
Mark Vollmer
Corintha Watson
Lisa Bonny Weaver
Deena Williams
Virginia Wanell
Jamie L. Young
Robert A. Zurawiecki
North Carolina South Carolina Virginia
Margaret L. Banks-Moore
Richard Bazik
Harriet Roberts Beasley
Michael Bikundi Sr.
Lisa Green Blackburn
Sarah Melissa Hersey
Ubert Guillermo Ridriguez
Jamian Rodriguez Susan L. Anderson
Martin Matthews Martin
Latoya Shenell Williams