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Ohio Health Care Association Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLPTeam ROLF will be out in full force at the OHCA 2018 Convention & Expo this year – as speakers, as attendees, as a sponsor and an exhibitor.

We will be there from Monday through Thursday, and will be attending many events.  Of particular note are the following:


8:30 -10a Survey & Enforcement Update:What’s Goin’ On? (Michele Conroy & Christopher Tost)

10:30-12p Emergency Preparedness for ID/DD (Dusty Ellinger, ROLF Consulting)

2-4p Ambush Elections to Zero Tolerance: HR Legal Issues from A to Z (Rob Pivonka & John Goodman, Altercare)

4-6p Exhibit Hall, Booth #504. Right in the center of the Hall, near the entrance.


8:30-10a Awards Banquet. Carol Rolf is receiving the Pioneer Award this year! Team ROLF will be sitting front and center.

10-12:30 Exhibit Hall, Booth #504

1-2:30p Practical Strategies for Government Investigations, HIPAA, and Other Compliance Issues (Aric Martin & Jacqueline Anderson)

3-4:30p Cybersecurity and HIPAA: Threats & Safeguards (Jacqueline Anderson & Michael Shoffner, HW&Co.)

In addition to the people noted above, look for the following members of our team to be attending: Ira Goffman, Paul Lang, and Chris Kuhn.