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Michele Conroy will present “Elopement: Are You Doing all You Can Do to Keep Residents Safe?” at the OHCA Nursing Conference on September 14, 2018.

Session Summary:  This past year has seen a significant increase in immediate jeopardy level deficiencies related to resident elopement, which can not only bring significant financial and enforcement remedies, but may also have criminal implications related to neglect. There is also an increase in residents with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders who insist on leaving the facility unsupervised, which makes it difficult to balance resident rights with the facility’s obligation to keep a resident safe. This session will discuss practices to help avoid elopement of residents with cognitive impairments, as well as what to do when one occurs. Michele will also discuss strategies for balancing a resident’s right to leave the facility unsupervised in instances where staff have identified one or more safety risks.

Location: Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center