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Margaret Chamberlain will be presenting at LegalAge Michigan’s  SNF Regulatory Day. This event will be offered as a live virtual program on Thursday, October 22, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm.

Margaret Chamberlain Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP2020 has been full of pandemic and regulatory changes for providers. LeadingAge Michigan has been providing weekly updates to address these issues in a timely manner. To further assist their members, LeadingAge Michigan assembled a team of high-level content experts; professionals who have first-hand knowledge of the impact and challenges the recent and upcoming changes will place on our members.

This event includes federal certification surveys trends, deficient practices from the certification surveys, the new DPOC remedy, an overview of the new State Licensing Infection Control Section, responding to licensing investigations and proceedings, diabetes treatments and protocols, behaviors, depression and social isolation. There all aslo be discussion on lessons learned, best practices and emergency preparedness for the future.

In addition to Ms. Chamberlain, other presenters at LegalAge Michigan’s  SNF Regulatory Day include:

  • Adam Beyer – Regional Director of Mental Health Services, Behavioral Care Solutions
  • Michael Goldsmith – Regional Coordinator of Mental Health Services, Behavioral Care Solutions
  • Heather Hosey – Division Director, Health Facilities Licensing, Permits and Support Division, BCHS, LARA
  • Jennifer Leatherbarrow – Manager Clinical Consulting, Richter Healthcare Consulting
  • Nancy Losben – Senior Director of Quality, Omnicare/CVS
  • Mark McIntyre – Chief Experience Officer, Fully Managed
  • Andrea Moore – Acting Manager, State Licensing Infection Control Section, BCHS, LARA
  • Michele Roepke – Director, Federal Survey and Certification Division, BCHS, LARA

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