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Margaret Chamberlain Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLPMargaret Chamberlain will present at NADONA Michigan’s RN Boot Camp on March 27, 2019. Margaret will moderate a roundtable entitled Surrogate Decision Making. Specifically, end of life decisions are some of the most important decisions a resident can make. It is vital that this confusing area of law is understood so that residents are given the opportunity to make end of life decisions and that these are carried out. It is also important for facilities to understand who has the authority to make medical treatment decisions as improper decision making can lead to survey citations as well as civil and criminal consequences. This presentation will cover new law regarding guardians and DNR’s.”

Margaret will also conduct a session entitled Documentation: Sword & Shield. Nurse participants will learn about the risks, pitfalls and strategies for ensuring sufficient documentation. Documentation can help providers improve care for residents but it can also be used against them with civil, criminal and regulatory repercussions. Real life examples will help nurse participants learn how to tailor their documentation so that it serves its intended purpose without putting them or the facility at risk.